Workforce Features

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Workforce Features

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Compeat Workforce consists of two applications:  Workforce and the MyWorkforce portal.


Workforce users can utilize Workforce to create schedules, run labor reports and project labor forecasting.

Additionally, notifications can be sent to employees via email or text notifying them of their schedule or changes to a schedule. Employees can be made aware of their schedules remotely and are provided with access to MyWorkforce for feedback and interaction.

Through the portal, MyWorkforce, scheduled employees can make shift change requests, view their past clock in and clock out times and update personal information and preferences using a smartphone, tablet computer or desktop computer.


Using the MyWorkforce portal, managers can act on requests for time off or shift changes remotely using a smartphone, tablet computer or desktop computer.  This data is immediately captured, updated and broadcast to all applicable parties via email or text.  


Time & Attendance

POS interface pulls in clock ins/outs

Flexible wage calculation tools

Compeat Payroll integration

Third party payroll service exports


Labor Scheduling

Sales forecasting

Labor projections

Employee scheduling

Remote schedule posting

Overtime and labor law compliance

Station assignments

Schedule groups

House shifts


MyWorkforce - An Employee Portal

Employees access via desktop or mobile devices

Employees receive schedules via text or email

Mobile access to schedule and clock ins/outs

Employees can:

View their schedule

Request schedule changes

Receive manager messages

Manage their profile

Request time off

Managers can:

Approve shift changes

Approve time off requests

Send messages to employees

Manage their profile





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