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Editing a Restaurant

Adding a New Restaurant

Deleting a Restaurant

Closing a Restaurant


If you also use Advantage, your restaurant entities may already be set up.  Keep in mind that this data is shared between Advantage, Payroll and Workforce.


When you initially open the restaurants screen, you will see all current restaurants.  If you have yet to set up any restaurants, you will immediately be taken to the Add screen.


Editing a Restaurant

To view and edit a restaurant, either double click on the Entity ID or Description or, highlight the record by clicking on it once then click on the Edit link.


Adding a New Restaurant

1.Click on the Add link.


General Tab



2.Fill in the following available fields:

*Entity #

This number is unique to the entity.  You may either enter a number or have the Workforce system auto-assign it.

*Entity Name

Provide a name for the restaurant.  Note that this field is required.

Group 1

If you have established a store group 1 category, select the appropriate sub-category from the drop-down.  Click the appropriate link for more information on naming store groups or for adding sub-categories.

Group 2

If you have established a store group 2 category, select the appropriate sub-category from the drop-down.  Click the appropriate link for more information on naming store groups or for adding sub-categories.

Address 1

Provide the restaurant's address.

Address 2

If needed, a second line is provided for continuation of the address.


Provide the city the restaurant is in.


Provide the state the restaurant is in.

Postal Code

Provide the postal code for the restaurant.


Provide the country of the restaurant.


Provide the date the restaurant was opened.


If the restaurant has been closed, indicate the date here.


If the restaurant has been closed and reopened, indicate the date of the reopening here.

PO Email Config

If there is an email configuration for purchase orders, select it from the drop-down.  Note that any new PO email configs will have to be added or edited in Advantage.

External Entity #

If there is a need to reference this entity for processes or systems outside of Compeat's suite of software, enter the external number here.

Force Direct Inventory Transfers

If you also use Compeat's Advantage software, you may elect to automatically generate journal entries for store to store transfers in lieu of using the accounts payable system.

Time Zone

Provide the time zone for the restaurant.


If you also use Compeat's Advantage software and this restaurant records transactions in a foreign currency (not U.S. dollars) and it is desired to do financial reporting in U.S. dollars using eXcellent Financial Functions, specify the currency used by this restaurant.  The desired currency must first be defined in Currencies in Advantage.

Consolidation Entity

From the drop-down list, select the consolidation entity. The consolidation entity is the one that reports in U.S. dollars.  Only accounting entities flagged to be consolidation entity will be displayed.


Provide the name of the restaurant manager.


Provide the phone number of the restaurant.


Provide the fax number of the restaurant.

Federal ID #

Provide the federal tax ID number for the restaurant.

Square Footage

Provide the square footage of the restaurant.


Indicate the number of seats available in the restaurant.


Days Open - Put a check in the box next to each day of the week the restaurant is open.


* Required


Misc Tab

3.If you also use Advantage, the Misc tab will be available.  If you electronically send purchase orders to your vendors via FTP, enter the information here.



The following fields are available:

FTP Address

URL of the FTP drop point.

User Name

User name for logging in to the FTP site.


Password for logging in to the FTP site.

Remote Dir

If the file is to be placed within a directory, indicate the FTP directory here.


Deleting a Restaurant

To delete a restaurant, highlight the restaurant by clicking on it once, then click on the Delete link.  Make certain that your restaurant isn't currently tied to any records.  If associated to records, it may not be deleted.


Closing a Restaurant

To close a restaurant, simply include a Closed date in the General tab.  You will want to use this method if the restaurant was ever in service so that the records and history stays in tact.





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