Employee Exports

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Employee Exports

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Employee Exports Feature Availability

With the release of version 6.08.1, Compeat Workforce will begin providing the capability to export employee data to the point-of-sale. As of this release, this option is only available for customers using Micros 3700.


What does Employee Exports mean?

The Employee Exports feature works to send employee data to your POS automatically.  This includes new employees set up in Workforce to be created on the POS, and updates to existing employees to be pushed out to the POS.


Please note that only the following fields will be exported:

Micros 3700:

Last Name

First Name

Address 1

Address 2



Birth Date

Hire Date

Termination Date

Re-hire Date

Job Codes with Pay Rate


Configuring the Polling Client for Export

In order to push new employees and updates, the polling client must be correctly configured.  For assistance, please contact Compeat Support.  The polling client on the POS must be up to date, and the polling configuration within Compeat Advantage must be set up to allow Employee Exports.


Important Notes

When adding a new employee, you should add the employee in Workforce.  On the entities tab, leave the POS code field blank to have a new record created in your POS.  If the employee was already created on the POS, enter the appropriate POS code to update the existing record. ***If the employee exists in the POS and you leave the POS code blank when saving, you will create a duplicate employee record on the POS.***


If you are using both Workforce and Payroll, note that only edits saved in Workforce will push to the POS.  You may opt to disable the Employee screen access from Payroll to further prevent any issues.


Any job changes will be given an effective date of today's date.  The only exception to this is future dating of a pay rate. When you enter a future date as the effective date in Workforce, the employees rate does not update in the system until that date arrives, which will then push to your POS as the correct effective date.  It is not possible to pass an effective date in the past to the POS, though you may enter a prior date for Workforce purposes.


Employee Exports Report

The Employee Exports Report provides detail of all records pushed to the POS and the result  -- either successful or exception detail.





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