Termination Codes

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Termination Codes

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Adding a Termination Code

Removing a Termination Code


This screen allows you to predefine reasons for termination of an employee. The reasons entered here can then be selected from a list at the time of termination.


If an employee's status is changed to Inactive on the Personal tab of an Employee's screen, a termination date is required and you will be prompted to enter a termination code (from the list defined here) upon saving. Compeat requires this code so that some sort of record is kept of the termination event.




Adding a Termination Code

1.Click on the Add Row button.

2.Enter a description for the code.

3.Indicate if the code should be active by putting a check in the Active check box.

4.Click the Save button.


Removing a Termination Code

1.Highlight the code you want to remove by clicking on it.  To remove multiple codes, hold down the CTRL key and click on each record.

2.Click the Remove Row(s) button.

3.Click the Save button.


Note:  If a Termination Code has been used historically, you may uncheck the "Active" box rather than remove it.






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